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Reiner Gläss isn't an inventor in the typical abstract meaning of the word. He's not the “Gyro Gearloose” kind of guy. Reiner Gläss is very down-to-earth. He lives and works in Baden Württemberg.

With his natural curiosity and alert mind Reiner Gläss analyses the facts that most people simply take for granted. These characteristics follow a clear principle that is followed by an efficient procedure: What begins with a basic research leads to a prototype that is the base for later serial production.

The mainly agriculture-based Baden-Württemberg always seems to have been a fertile breeding ground for researchers and developers. Just think of names like Bosch or Daimler and numerous other engineers, technicians and craftsmen that emerged from this region. Maybe it is the specific Swabian mixture of sobriety, inventiveness and entrepreneurial courage that has inspired Reiner Gläss to design unique products and to market them successfully – worldwide!

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