The possibility that sleek, elegantly designed waterproof and in-wall televisions could be engineered, manufactured and made available for market in the UK was regarded as “inconceivable” by many.  Undeterred, Alastair went to work and developed his idea.

It was 1997 when he created the first waterproof television in his garage.  Soon after, he won his first order for a hotel project and had the entire family assisting him in boxing and dispatching the televisions.

Alastair continues to drive the team forward and remains instrumental in the development of new, innovative products.

“Today, with the support of our distributors and industry relations, the ‘Aquavision’ brand is well established and successful.  This fuels our passion to continue to produce high quality, luxury televisions.  We never compromise on quality and this is why we remain the number one British manufacturer of in-wall and waterproof televisions.” he says.

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