Written By: Neville Roberts


Nordost Blue Heaven RCA Interconnect Cable Review

Neville Roberts samples this affordable phono lead from an illustrious cable company…

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Inside Track: Recording On Location

Neville Roberts details the challenges faced by audiophile label Chasing the Dragon when trying to get the best possible location recording…

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Chasing The Dragon Vivaldi in Venice Vinyl Review

Neville Roberts reviews a new vinyl release from this esteemed British audiophile label…

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Specialist UK Record Label Arrives in Australia

Chasing the Dragon, the specialist UK recording label known for producing audiophile recordings in a wide range of formats is now available in Australia.

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Falcon Acoustics IMF100 Loudspeaker Kit Review

Neville Roberts is blown away by the power and poise of this compact standmounting transmission line design…

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HOW TO GUIDE: Spin Doctoring

Analogue addict Neville Roberts explains how to inexpensively set-up and optimise your turntable for the best possible sound…

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Inside Track: Why Valve Amplifiers Are Hot Stuff

Neville Roberts looks at the weird and wonderful world of the thermionic valve…

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Inside Track: Reel-to-Real

After forty years in the doldrums, open reel tape is back – showcasing the very best of analogue audio, says Neville Roberts…

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