Written By: Mark Gusew


Perreaux VP3 Phono Preamplifier Review

Mark Gusew samples this impressive and versatile phono stage from New Zealand…

Posted in: Hi-Fi Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Applause Awards 2020


EGM Audio Black ML Reference Audio Power Cable Review

Australian compliance, serious sound quality and excellent value make this a winner, says Mark Gusew…

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EXCLUSIVE: Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature Edition Loudspeakers First Impressions

StereoNET was lucky enough to exclusively receive the brand new Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature Standmount loudspeakers, here's our first impressions.


Rotel A10 Integrated Amplifier Review

This little amplifier may have diminutive dimensions, but its sound quality didn't get the memo – says Mark Gusew…

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Spendor Classic 4/5 Mini Monitor Review

Mark Gusew samples Spendor’s modern re-imagining of the classic BBC LS3/5a mini monitor…

Posted in: Hi-Fi Loudspeakers Bookshelf / Standmount Applause Awards 2020


Line Magnetic LM-805iA Integrated Amplifier Review

This interesting new mid-price Chinese valve amplifier gives Mark Gusew a warm glow…

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E.A.T. Prelude Turntable Review

European Audio Team is a high end brand, but this turntable promises music for the masses. Mark Gusew takes it for a spin…

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JBL S4700 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

Mark Gusew says this chunky horn-loaded floorstander shows that big really is beautiful…

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LUMIN T2 Network Player Review

Mark Gusew tunes into a sleek new network music player from an exciting name in digital audio…

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Solidsteel Hyperspike HY-4 Equipment Rack Review

Mark Gusew finds that not all hi-fi racks are created equal…

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Cary Audio DMS-600 Network Audio Player Review

Three decades spent making serious audiophile products means that Cary Audio should be able to design a serious streamer. Mark Gusew auditions the company's flagship…

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DALI OBERON 5 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

This highly capable new compact floorstander from Denmark brings a warm smile to Mark Gusew…

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