Written By: Marc Rushton


Samsung Adds Bigger Screens Sizes to Lifestyle TV Range

Bigger is always better, and Samsung is banking on this by expanding its Lifestyle TV ranges, including The Serif and The Frame models.

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Scott Krix Recognised with Penfolds Award

Krix needs no introduction to readers of StereoNET these days, but here's something you likely didn't know about the Krix name, particularly the company founder Scott Krix.

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Krix Announces 2021 Dealer Awards

One of the highlights for industry members each year and for those fortunate enough to be part of the 'Krix family', is the Adelaide-based company's annual dealer conference.

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Amazon Music HD Now Available in Australia

Amazon Music is not the newcomer to the music streaming market, but audio lovers often overlooked it while its 'HD' tier was unavailable in Australia.

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Wavetrain Cinemas takes projection to whole new level with Christie Laser Projectors

One of Australia's most awarded cinema design companies, Wavetrain Cinemas, promises new performance levels with the introduction of Christie Digital projection, not seen before in residential spec home cinemas.

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Spatial Audio Comes to Australian Amazon Music Customers

Good news this week for Australian customers of Amazon Music, with Unlimited customers now able to listen to spatial audio on more devices than ever before.

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Dan D’Agostino Flagship Relentless Preamplifier Now Available

The companion model to the Relentless Mono Amplifier, Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, has now released the Relentless Preamplifier.

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Isotek Launches V5 Aquarius Power Optimiser

IsoTek, a world-leading manufacturer of power optimisation products specifically for hi-fi and AV applications, has launched its new V5 Aquarius.

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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Reborn for 2021

First introduced in 2007, the Zeppelin was a statement piece from Bowers & Wilkins. In 2021, it has been reborn to be better sounding, better looking, and smarter than ever.

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Italian Isolation Platforms Arrive in Australia

Melbourne based wholesaler Fundamental Audio has been appointed the sole Australian distributor for the Italian manufacturer, eSse-Ci Design, and the team behind the Relaxa line of floating platforms. 

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Grell Audio is the new name in the Headphone Market

The name Axel Grell may be unfamiliar to many enthusiasts, but it's widely known and even more respected within the headphone industry. Grell Audio is now likely to become a brand name as well known as some that have been in the market for decades.

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Beyerdynamic Announces DT 700 PRO X and DT 900 PRO X Top Class Headphones

Beyerdynamic has announced the release of two new headphones in its range, promising an unprecedented performance in the class of studio headphones on all playback devices.

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